About ISP Ltd.

Background and mission statement

The value a consultant brings to your business is influenced by education, experiences, skills, achievements, and beliefs. A bookworm may be helpful but uninteresting. A social comedian may be enjoyable but unproductive. A scientist without ethics may be productive but dangerous. A balanced blend is generally best for a serious project. The blend of these in my life includes:

  • Educated in computer programming from age 11. Hired at 13 to develop a medical office patient database application that I helped present at a trade show three years later.
  • National Science Foundation honour scholar at 16.
  • Achieved near-world-record typing speed of 214WPM at 20.
  • Started six businesses since 1981, learning from mistakes along the way.
  • Published a book in 1988 to help entrepreneurs implement microcomputers in their business.
  • Volunteer broadcast engineer and a community station operator from 1993-1999.
  • Developed and published software from 1990-2000 for preventive maintenance tracking and mailing list management that had global clients including the US federal government, US Navy, NJS&EA (Yakee Stadium), Victoria BC CRD (Capital Regional District), Detroit Fire Department and many other fire departments, Devault Foods, Leroux Creek Foods, school bus, trucking, and construction companies, and many more. (See software.ispltd.com for the historical web site of this business.)
  • Started a Linux ISP in 1998, published How To Start an ISP Using Linux in 1999.
  • Designed and hosted the first web sites of the Civil War Society's North and South magazine and renowned sculptor Lincoln Fox between 1999 and 2002.
  • Designed a 2.4GHz wireless Internet service in 2000.
  • Chosen by communications firms in the USA, Canada, Europe, and Africa to design, build, or oversee the implementation of wired and wireless ISP networks and Linux servers since 2001.
  • Architect, PM, team lead, software engineer, Linux SA, and NOC for the front-end and back-end sites of a multi-national oil industry publication since 2001.
  • Volunteer speaker and author on Bible topics.

ISP Ltd. is a family-owned consultancy started in 1986 by Angelo Babudro. Over the years we have employed people, facilities, and other resources only as required in order to keep the business cost-efficient, personal, and flexible. Most often Angelo works alone, but has led teams of up to 11 people in projects for clients around the globe.

Angelo Babudro always writes software to professional standards, testing thoroughly and making sure that the wording is clear and the product is pleasing to the eyes as well as ultimately useful in its intended purpose. There are times when a "quick fix" is the best solution, but often the software we write as engineers is used for longer than expected, so we believe in thorough design and documentation for any project of significance so that it will stand the test of time and earn people's respect.

"And whatsoever ye do, do it heartily, as to the Lord, and not unto men; Knowing that of the Lord ye shall receive the reward of the inheritance: for ye serve the Lord Christ."

— Col iii:23-24

Our mission is to provide Linux server engineering and administration consulting to clients in Canada, the USA, and worldwide.

Since a young man, Angelo Babudro has had a very competitive spirit that wants to be the best and fastest in the world at what he does. He achieved near-world-record typing speed by the time he was 20, learned three programming languages in the 1970s when computers were only found in schools, took a programming post intended for a graduate student in his freshman year of university, and wrote software from his home office in the 1990s that the US government and enterprises in the USA and Canada relied upon for years.

As a family business, we pride ourselves not only on being qualified and adept, but also on frequently asking ourselves if we can do better (and challenging this to happen) and looking at whether we are staying on the path of moral and ethical propriety. Angelo is a member of the IEEE and adheres to the engineers' code of ethics. We endeavour to offer our clients high value in terms of the completed project and the relationship that develops during our time working together.