About Angelo Babudro and ISP Ltd.

Business History

A few historical highlights of my career in the computer industry. For more details please download my CV from this page.

1986 My third start-up, Babudro Advanced Business Computer Designs, is my first successful business, serving clients in Los Angeles, California. DOS, Oasis, and Unix systems & software. A multi-user Oasis-based accounting, inventory, and point-of-sale system is developed that provides up to 8 terminals with automated cash drawers and receipt printers on Z80-based 8-bit micro-computers.

This is my second attempt at publishing software, this time using the Shareware method. My mailing list management package became popular as one of the first on the market to print USPS bar codes, and was adopted by a US government branch and many small and large businesses. Next came an equipment preventive maintenance (PM) package that also attracted some high-profile customers including the US Navy, NJS&EA, Victoria BC CRD, Fire Departments in Detroit (MI), Paris (KY), and North Bay (NY), and many transportation, construction, and manufacturing companies. (See software.ispltd.com for the historical web site of this business.)

1993 Our family moves to western Colorado where I continued software development, publishing, and consulting. In 1997 I opened a computer store and repair shop.
1998 The Internet service, Paonia.com, is launched using servers built on-site and running entirely on Linux. No proprietary appliances are used. Even the terminal server controlling the modems is Linux-based.
1999  People started asking me how I started an ISP using Linux, so rather than repeating myself I made a web site that told people how to do it. When e-mail started pouring in I decided to start a new business and call it ISP Ltd. This site pioneered the concept of turnkey ISP packages based on Linux and I had many excited businessmen offer proposals to partner with their businesses, but I am too independently-minded and pass up all the golden opportunities.
2000 As the local ISP grew we refined the hardware and software and published the results on the ISP Ltd. web site. The concept of wireless 10Mbps to 25Mbps ISP designs are developed and published.

At the close of 2000 ISP Ltd. is the only company offering turnkey ISP packages on the Internet.
2001 Very low-cost unlicensed 2.4GHz (preceding the 802.11 standard) wireless Internet service is started at our ISP. In partnership with Dynatek Telecomm in Ohio turnkey broadband wireless solutions are developed and offered, but no sales result.

In 2002 we installed our first ISP network in Angola, Africa. The company peaked at almost a dozen employees, but the growth did not turn out as I had hoped. We moved our family and business to Victoria, British Columbia. At that time Canada was dubbed "the most wired nation in the world".

Don's Directory, an oil and gas publishing company, awarded us a one-year software project that continued after the first release to span ten years and include a second software project.

In the middle of 2002 we installed a wireless ISP in Telluride, Colorado, which went from no wireless ISPs to having four in a year: we are the second and a third is on our heels. We are faced with many interference issues and design changes during installation.

Following the installation of the ISP in Telluride, Colorado and prompted by the Canadian Rural Broadband Initiative, the Neighbourhood ISP package is announced.


Our second-generation Neighbourhood system is shipped to Umuahia (near Port Harcourt), Nigeria.

Metro HC

Work begins on the first Metropolitan HC network, the design of which began in October 2002. The network is completed and shipped in December: 13-servers, DSL and dial-up remote access equipment, and switches in 4-racks designed to serve 100,000 people in Lagos, Nigeria using a combination of dial-up, DSL, and wireless access.


A multinational company with a division in Oran, Algeria purchases our third-generation Neighbourhood ISP design. It is shipped in the Spring.


Don's Directory awards us a second project to build a new public-facing web site. This work continues through 2012.


The ISP business kept diminishing so in 2007 I accepted a position of Senior Consultant to Morgan Stanley and our family moved to Halifax, Nova Scotia.

2010 The highlight of this year was being Senior Red Hat Linux Consultant to JD Irving in New Brunswick for ten months.

An offer from First Advantage in St. Petersburg, Florida to lead a global software development team brought our family south. This work lasted nearly all of 2012.


Morgan Stanley brought me back for a second tour, this time to work as part of an engineering team in Montreal, Quebec. This work lasted from November 2012 through August 2016.


As of mid-February my schedule is open. Please see my CV on this page for more details on past projects and contact me about your requirements.