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ISP Ltd. Web Site Terms of Service

Neither barristor nor solicitor were used in the writing below. Thus, I trust you will find it concise, sensible, understandable, and agreeable:

Use of this site is entirely at your own risk and is governed by the morals, ethics, rules, principles, guidelines, suggestions, advice, and laws of the Holy Bible and Canada. If it's alright with God and Country, it's fine with us, too.

The material on this web site is copyright © 1999-2017 by P. T. Angelo Babudro. All rights reserved worldwide. Some grahpics are licensed and, therefore, the copyright is held by the artist. No material may be reproduced in any form, in part or in whole, on any media without prior written permission from Angelo Babudro (or, in the case of licensed graphics, from the original artist). Please do write and I will consider just about any proposal. I have been known to give permission for use of my writings in college courses, other web sites, &c.

The information on this web site was not written as advice for you, so consider it to be general commentary with occasional stabs at humour. What is given is without any warranty of any kind, therefore, be cautious and draw your own conclusions based upon your experience and insight. If you find a typographical error, I would appreciate knowing about it. For advice upon which you may make sound business decisions, please contact me about hourly consultation or daily on-site rates.

This Agreement is subject to change with no notice other than being posted on the ISP Ltd web site, and the currently posted version always supercedes prior versions. For any deviation from the terms of this agreement you must have written approval.

"All things, therefore, whatever ye may will that men may be doing to you, so also do to them, for this is the law and the prophets." (Matthew vii:12 YLT)