The Community ISP

System Overview

The Community was designed to deliver broadband content to several thousand subscribers, or to provide leading-edge dial-up performance at a moderate budget. The Community server and network design provides carrier-class reliability along with more evenly distributed performance during peak demand hours.

Servers in the Community packages provide dual-processor muscle combined with the superior performance of Ultra-320 SCSI hard disk drives. At this price level, nothing else that can match the flexibility, performance, convenience, reliability, and features of these turnkey packages.

Each Community ISP package features:

 Powerful dual-processor servers

 Minimum of 100MB storage per subscriber at full capacity

 Compact 2U server chassis with redundant power supplies

 Cold spares pre-configured and ready for immediate use

 Dual UPS provides extra redundancy

 All software installed and configured for your ISP

 Concise ISP operations manual plus in-depth server manuals

 All network hardware, accessories, supplies, tools

 Installation on-site or installation training in British Columbia

 Training on-site or over the Internet

 Warranty and support may be extended up to five years

 Optional remote access equipment (modems and/or wireless)

 Optional ISP billing and provisioning package with a dedicated billing server

On-site Installation: For many countries, on-site installation is available. Typical on-site time is about one month, during which time we will install everything and provide training on all relevant aspects of system operation for your system administrator.

Self Installation: You may send your technicians and administrators to British Columbia for two weeks of training on installation and system operation. Once the product is shipped, we will continue to provide support and training remotely.

As with other ISP Ltd. network designs, the servers in the Community package have common components and software. This provides parts interchangability and allows one set of spare parts to cover all the servers.

Systems can be delivered in about 90 days.