The Metropolitan ISP

System Overview

The objective of this network design was to provide services for up to 100,000 people using very high-grade components that would withstand difficult environments, such as is found in Africa, to provide five or more years of reliable performance so that the new ISP would be well established with a solid reputation for service.

Most often we would consult with the client on their needs and provide documentation of the network and server designs, with which clients could build the network using their personnel. On one occasion my company was contracted to build and install the entire network as well as to provide training.

Past designs of Metropolitan networks have featured:

 16 or 18 servers in 42U racks

 Xeon and Opteron processors

 Fastest and maximum RAM in each server

 Hardware RAID for the optimal combination of speed, capacity, reliability, and ease of maintenance

 On-hand cold spares for all critical components

 Redundant power supplies

 Redundant services

 Redundant switches

 Redundant consoles

 Redundant UPS

 Operation guides for each server