The Neighbourhood ISP

System Overview

The Neighbourhood is a compact yet powerful design, a good fit for many start-up ISPs.

The objective of this network design is to give a modest but solid foundation that can be built upon as the business grows.

Choose the SE or HC network model depending on your projected number of subscribers in the first two years, then add wireless, DSL, or even dial-up (still a niche market) to connect subscribers.

Growing from a Neighbourhood ISP foundation is easily achieved by adding remote nodes (in other towns or neighbouring regions). Even in larger markets it may be practical to start with a Neighbourhood and then upgrade to a Community package when required.

Migrating between ISP Ltd. packages is a simple matter, because all of our network platforms use the same operating system and software. Back-up all the data in our smallest Neighbourhood package and you can restore it to one of our largest Metropolitan ISP packages with little or no modifications or adjustments necessary.

The Neighbourhood SE is an integrated rack-mount network which gives you the essential equipment needed to start a serious ISP business. This allows small start-up ISPs to get a foot-hold in the industry which might otherwise be impossible.

The Neighbourhood HC is an entry-level carrier grade package. If you want to approach the level of speed and reliability of a telecom, this package will let you do it with the decimal place of the capital cost shifted one place to the left of what you would hear from a telecom equipment provider.

Following this design style, your Neighbourhood network could include:

  • Gigabytes of storage for each subscriber, enough to be an applications provider or offer virtually unlimited storage.
  • Multi-server, three-segment network design, with partial or full redundancy
  • Backbone connection via Satellite, copper, or fibre-optic
  • Network and server firewalls
  • UPS with 15 minutes to 14 hours of back-up power
  • Infrastructure monitoring
  • 25U or 42U cabinet

Administrator training is provided in Canada or can be provided remotely over the Internet. On-site installation and training is available in the USA and Canada.