Our Projects

Consulting Projects

  • Senior consultant to a large Canadian enterprise for policy and procedure development and documentation, Linux server standards, server security, software installation standards and automation, network configuration management and automation, server monitoring, etc.
  • Senior consultant to a global Fortune 100 financial firm, providing operational support and documentation in the areas of Linux server administration, Windows server administration, authentication systems administration, incident response and analysis/reporting, procedures documentation and refinement, and a small amount of team leadership.
  • Engineering consultant to a global Fortune 100 financial firm, providing "full stack" DevOps expertise in the area of network monitoring tools. Software engineering included Perl and PHP software enhancements and bug fixes. Operations work included configuration and maintenance of SevOne NMS (new project), Spectrum NMS, Spectracom GPS clocks, and Red Hat (RHEL) Linux servers. Documentation included writing SevOne procedures and policies documentation, Linux shell best practices, and editing a large amount of old, incomplete, or ambiguous existing documentation. Worked mostly independently, sometimes in pairs, on up to a dozen projects simultaneously.

ISP / Server / Network Projects

  • Paonia.com – Paonia, Colorado USA
  • Telluride Wireless – Telluride, Colorado USA
  • M&V Commsat – Luanda, Angola
  • Access Point Communication – Umuahia, Nigeria
  • Monarch Communications, one of the larger private telecoms in Lagos, Nigeria
  • SAWTNET – Oran, Algeria

Software Projects

  • Don's Directory: A web-based database application with separate public and administrative sites. If you would like to see a demonstration of the administrative site, which includes subscriber management, a wide range of reporting (including activity reports for the public site), inventory, order entry, invoicing, accounts receivable, etc. please contact me.
  • Stapler: DNS management tool
  • Turnstile: Firewall using ipchains
  • Webilant: A web content filter using squid and created with Biblical morals in mind
  • What Vehicle History?, a preventive maintenance and equipment tracking package for MS-DOS that was trusted by large and small companies, including the US Navy and NJSEA (Giants' Stadium).
  • What Mailing List?, a powerful mailing list management and printing programme that prints bar codes on labels or directly on envelopes and can handle lists big and small with speed and ease. Used by large and small companies, including the United States's President's Working Group on the Family which kept a list of tens of thousands of names using WML back in the early 1990s, at a time when microcomputer hard disks held only megabytes and a 20MHz 80386 processor with 1MB of RAM was about the fastest machine commonly available.