Consulting Details


Services are offered both on-site and remotely. I am glad to bid on a complete project where a complete RFP is available, or on an hourly or daily basis for less defined projects. As a consultant you only pay for time worked, so the final cost is usually very low. The rate varies depending on length of project, how demanding the work will be, and the location where work will be performed.

For project planning services, please see the Project Plan & Proposal page.

Hourly & Daily

Hourly work performed from our offices (e.g., programming, remote server rebuilds, etc.) can be billed in Euro, Pounds, US Dollars, or Canadian Dollars. Please use the contact form to enquire about rates for your project.

On-site service is available to Canada and the USA, and any country where a work visa can be obtained for the project. Our on-site fees are very competitive, especially on long-term contracts where we can can pass along savings realised for on-site expenses.

Fixed Project Cost

For planning work you may opt for a fixed / flat fee or hourly arrangement. A fixed fee is normally set at the maximum estimate range for a given planning service, but may vary depending on your particular situation. Please contact us to establish the value for your project.

If your project plan is developed by ISP Ltd, it will include an estimated price range for the project as well as a fixed-fee guaranteed project cost. You can choose whichever works best for you, which probably will depend on whether you already have project managers among your staff or not.

If you already have a project plan or RFP written that describes your requirements precisely we can use this to quote a fixed-fee completed project cost. Please forward your RFP to businessadmin at ispltd.com.


Please contact us for a bid on your project.